Buchholz' Prince Taz
3 1/2 Years Old
75 lbs
21" Head
20" Tall
Taz is the grandson of GRCH PR Stormbringer of 
California Pits. His parents (Jazz and Zeus) are the 
best behaved indoor dogs ever. Taz is very well behaved 
also if someone's watching, but leave the room and he's 
checking out anything that catches his eye. He is an 
aggressive but eager to please dog.

'PR' Buchholz Dozer of Dagger
2 years old
140 pounds
27 1/2 inch head
22 inches tall

Dozer, son of Dragon and Legend, of Dagger kennels, 
was bred for size and strength.  Dagger Kennels holds the national championship for ADBA weight pulling in their class and often have since 1991. 
We have high hopes for Dozer. He's going to be too big to be an inside dog but nobody's told him yet.